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Tripolar sees Stuart Jackson, Adam Holmes and MOG reunite as Bang Dirty. The folk/rap/electronic formula will be familiar to fans of their debut effort, Everyone Out. That album attained cult status, a trickle of downloads giving rise to a steady flow of domestic and international purchases, fuelled by word of mouth, a handful of gigs and the lure of lead track Break Up, which was accompanied by a well-received video.

For the band’s follow-up, Tripolar retains the lush instrumentation and gritty lyrics, while cranking production up a notch, the lowest depths and highest highs set against a backdrop of haunting piano, ebullient strings and shimmering guitar.

‘She’ is part poetry, part love letter while ‘Enigma’ is downright nasty. Everyone Out featured four guest spots; this time around, only Gasp appears, the Glasgow rapper nailing a 16 onto the assured ‘So Many Mics’. Instead, vocal duties are left to MOG who is on top form as he ponders lives lost, time passed and hands won. With Adam Holmes weighing in with saccharine hooks and bitter-sweet choruses, the album switches effortlessly from dark street to smoky bar; sunny scheme to choppy sea.

During the course of ten tracks, listeners are taken on a ferris feel of emotions and a rollercoaster of sonic palettes; Tripolar is melancholy, angry and elated in equal measure. An apt name for an eagerly-anticipated sequel.





1 – Real

2 Early Rise

3 Made Better

4 Enigma

5 She

6 Too Many Mics Ft Gasp

7 Love Letter

8 Darkest Knight

9 At Bay

10 A Cat’s Tale



released 01 June 2014
Bang Dirty – Tri Polar (2014)All songs produced, written and performed by Z.A / Stuart Jackson & Adam Holmes.Lyrics by MOG.Mixed and Mastered by Z.A / Stuart Jackson at the Z.A Studio.Cover art by Lua Ribeira

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