Mog – Chapter 8 (Conclusion) EP

“The words I use got a power to them/power, now/they’re not just words – they’re truth”

So speaks a voice amid the eerie crackling of Conclusion’s intro, before Glasgow rapper Mog proceeds to illustrate the point throughout the ensuing 30 some minutes on this, his third album.

You may not be familiar with many Glasgow rappers, whether by choice or because they don’t tend to gain much traction on Radio 1 playlists; be that as it may, Mog is not your prototypical rapper.

While virtually every mainstay of the current UK urban scene enjoys treading a well-worn path when it comes to lyrical inspiration (women, bling, Gs), Mog isn’t interested in such conceptual accoutrements.

Every word comes from deep within, delivered in impassioned salvos, and as he spits on ‘Yes Yes Yall’, “I’d rather be an underdog than act like I’m the son of God”.

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